Well hello there, nice of you to stop by! My name is Em (short for Emily) and I’m a 20-something living in the wonderful city of Boston. I moved up here in the summer of 2011 from North Carolina, my home state. I grew up near Asheville and went to UNC Chapel Hill (GO TAR HEELS!!!) and upon graduation I decided it was time to see a bit more of the big wide world. Boston is the US city that reminds me the most of Europe (my *favorite* place to visit) so to New England I came. I started this blog as a way to show my family back home what I was up to, and it evolved into a hobby. I’m not the most tech savvy so the layout/design/etc. aren’t top notch, but it’s something I enjoy!

I like to tell my story in photos – I think they are the best way to capture what’s going on in my life. You’ll see a recurring theme in the activities I do – God, family, food, friends, and kiddos. My relationship with God is the #1 most important thing in my life. Because of this, I include a lot about my church (Aletheia), community group, devotions, and thoughts. I don’t get to see my family nearly as much as I would like to, but when they visit (or I head home), we have a blast! I’m a total foodie and I’d say roughly 50% of the pictures on my blog are of food, whether it’s a dish I’ve made or a restaurant I’m trying out. I’m a total extrovert, so I love being around people and trying new things! I also love kids – I’m the nursery teacher at church and I’m a Big Sister to Gloria.

I’m always looking out for new things to try and new places to visit, so if you ever have any recommendations, please let me know!